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    The matches have been like a raging fire. What’re highlights in third day? Let’s find it together.

    The first match was between dignitas and G2. They stays tied, and as is the rule so far in Moscow, Dignitas and G2 win their opponents map pick to make it 1-1. Dignitas won Dust2 16-14 to start it off, but G2 came back to win 16-12 on Overpass.

    The second match was between SK and HellRaisers, with the double Major Champions needing a 2-0 victory to get to the playoffs. Finally, SK Gaming secure the playoffs of EPICENTER: Moscow with a strong 2-0 win over HellRaisers (16-5 on Overpass, 16-6 on Cobblestone).

    The third match was the final match of Group A. It was between NiP and Natus Vincere. NiP win Nuke 16-11 and Na'Vi win Overpass 16-3. Round difference means Na`Vi goes to semifinals. NiP are out.

    As far now, we can see all Group A scores:

    Last match of the group stage will be Virtus.pro against fnatic determining the final standings and seeds. Virtus.pro and fnatic split maps in the last match of the group stage (16-11 on Cobblestone, 13-16 on Mirage) to secure the top two spots in Group B.

    We can check Group B scores as follows:


    With the group stage ending, we will have the following matchups in the playoffs this weekend:

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