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    With the $500,000 contest knocking on the door, we have compiled all the information you need to keep up with the event in our viewer's guide, including the groups, schedule, and talent.

    Moscow, Russia will play host to the eight-team, week-long EPICENTER: Moscow which will start on the seventeenth of October and will last until the twenty-third.

The event features four of the five best teams in our ranking—SK, Virtus.pro, Natus Vincere, dignitas—and will determine whether the Brazilians will stay as the number one team or the Poles will take over.

Virtus.pro will be in Moscow

    The group stage with two groups of four will have a best-of-two, round-robin format which ensures teams will play against each opponent in their group.

The top team from both groups will move on to the playoffs while the second and third-placed teams from different groups will face each other in order to qualify for the playoffs. The groups will be played off-stage and will last for three days.

    Here are the groups:

    After a two-day break, 14,000-seater indoor VTB Ice Palace will host the knockout and playoff stages. Saturday will feature the playoff qualification matches while the semi-finals and grand final will be on Sunday.

    The schedule for EPICENTER: Moscow can be found below:

    Here is the full talent lineup:

    The cash prize will be distributed among the participants followingly:

    1. $250,000
    2. $100,000
    3-4. $40,000
    5-8. $15,000