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Day 4&5 at SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 Finals SKIN.IGXE.COM

    It has come to Day four&five of SL i-League StarSeries Season 2 Finals. Matches reached the white-hot point. What’re highlights in quarter-final and semi-final? Let’s check together.

    In the quarter-final, first match was Cloud9 v FlipSid3. After three rounds, Cloud led FlipSid3 on 2-1(Overpass 16-8, Train 8-16, Mirage 16-5), and Cloud 9 came to semi-final.

    Second match was NiP v Astralis. In the end, NiP bested Astralis on 2-1(6-16 on Cache, 16-12 on Dust2 and 16-6 on Overpass), NiP through to the semi-final.

    Third match was G2 v EnVyUs. G2 Esports defeated EnVyUS 2-0 (Dust2 16-14, Cobblestone 16-13) to qualify for the semi-final.

    Fourth match was dignitas v Heroic. Dignitas have defeated Heroic on 2-1 (Cobblestone 16-11, Nuke 12-16, Mirage 16-12). So four semi-final team came out!

    In the semi-final, two matches were NiP v Cloud9, G2 v dignitas.

    When NiP met Cloud9, they presented a great match together. In the end, NiP defeated Cloud9 with a 2-0 score (16-9 Dust2, 16-7 Cobblestone), so we can see NiP in the StarSeries Season 2 grand final.

    The second semi-final match between G2 and dignitas, G2 over dignitas with a score 2-0 (16-13 Cobblestone, 16-12 Dust2). The grand final between G2 and NiP will begin as soon as both teams are ready.